Samuel Shelton Fine Art | Artist Bio
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Samuel Shelton
Oil Painting

As a professional artist I am always working. I am a full-time student at the distinguished Academy of Art University; constantly producing work for galleries in a number of states in the U.S.; regularly preparing for shows both local and national; painting commissioned pieces; and involved in a relentless pursuit of mastering my craft of painting through endless hours of study and practice. But in all the affairs of painting professionally, one thing has helped to keep my head above the water- my love for the beautiful gift of painting.  My office is my painting studio. It is filled with rolls of canvas, hog bristle brushes, charcoal, plaster busts, and the wonderful earthy smells of home refined linseed oil, leaded paint, and spike oil of lavender. It is a sanctuary where I continue in the profession of portrait and figure painting that started well over 500 years ago with men like Jan Van Eyck and Leonardo DaVinci. Oil paintings of the portrait and figure take time and a great amount of love for the craft to create; it is a discipline that stands in stark contrast to today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification and the constant need to be stimulated. My love for painting runs much deeper than a mere infatuation with producing something pretty. The love of painting is the love of storytelling. It is the love of a trade that is centuries old. It is the love of something sacred, quiet, and dramatic. It is the love of people, and it is the love of beauty.